Register online using PayPal or you can sign up in person by printing off the form below, filling it out and bringing it to our registration night/day. The registration forms will also be available at the Library on registration nights/day. We will not be collecting payment upon registration and if using PayPal please select the cheque/cash payment option as we will not be collecting payment until uniforms are handed out to the teams. We encourage as many as possible to register on-line as there will be Covid precaution/social distancing measures in place for our 2 March in person registration dates.

Registration Dates:

March 24th, 2021 6-9pm at Sydenham Library
March 27th, 2021 9-5pm at Sydenham Library
Prior to registering your child we do ask that all parents/guardians give consideration to volunteering their time to assist with coaching their childs team. Over the past 4 years Sydenham Sofball has grown significantly and last year fielded 17 minor softball teams. What we see each year is the same coaches over and over again. They may move up a level with their child or children but several are forced to coach and assist coach with two teams in order to ensure every team has a great softball season. Sydenham and all of FCMSA is run through volunteers and we need more people/parents to provide assistance with coaching. Unfortunatley all that being said, Sydenham will enroll and assign teams to all minors who wish to play but if we are unable to secure coaches for your childs team, an email will be sent to all parents of the affected team(s) requesting that a parent or group of parents from that team volunteer to coach or the team may be forced to fold. If guidance is required for those who do volunteer the Sydenham committee will offer you assist on how to manage your role.
We Thank You all in advance for your consideration in volunteering to provide the youth in our community to opportunity to play softball. >

Sydenham Softball Committee members:

Hughie VanKoughnett
Tammy VanKoughnett
Nick Burnet
Sandra Sinclair
Melanie Lavigne